privacy policy

At AWS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”), we recognize that proper protection of personal information is a serious obligation, and, to fulfill this obligation, we will strive to protect personal information under the following policy.

Management of Personal Information

Our Company appoints a manager in charge of customer’s personal information and ensures that management is properly conducted according to our personal information protection policy.

Purpose of Using Personal Information

Our Company will acquire Personal Information necessary for conducting business and will use Personal Information only to send e-mails, and materials relating to business of our Company.

Prohibition of Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

Without the consent of the individual, our Company will not provide Personal Information to any third party. However, this does not apply to cases that fall under the following cases.

  • ●When the disclosure is required by the court or public agency, such as police officers under applicable laws;
  • ●When there are special provisions in laws and ordinances
  • ●When disclosure is necessary to protect human life, human body and personal property, while it is difficult to obtain person’s consent to disclose his or her personal information
  • ●When disclosure is necessary to protect or defend the Company’s rights, property, or services from actions contrary to laws and ordinances and our Company’s Terms of Use and Precautions, while we cannot obtain consent to disclose his or her personal information

Securing & Improving Information Security

In order to prevent leakage, loss, falsification, etc. of Personal Information, our Company will continue to secure and improve information security.

Disclosure and Corrections

With respect to Personal Information stored at our Company, when our customer personally requests disclosure or corrections of his/her information, we provide disclosure within a reasonable timeframe, to a reasonable extent, upon verification that the requestor is the actual customer.

Compliance to Laws and Regulations & Revision of Our Privacy Policy

We shall comply with Japanese laws, regulations and bylaws applicable to private information in our possession, and shall revise and/or improve the contents of our Privacy Policy as may be necessary.

Contact Us

For inquiries concerning our Company’s handling of Personal Information, please contact us with the following contact information.
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